Popularity rank: #22 in Apparel & Accessories; United States
  • Comfort technology provides enhanced cushioning with every stride
  • Antimicrobial treatment helps in odor control to keep your feet fresh
  • Pivoting heel strap provides a comfortable and reliable fit


Join the comfort revolution! Pull-on a pair of the bright and ultra-comfortable Classic clogs to give your feet a treat. With an array of colors to choose from, there’s a pair for every occasion. Water-friendly and secure, these kicks can be worn even on the rainiest days. Let your feet breathe easy in these well-ventilated clogs that go with any outfit.  features: Organic upper provides a comfortable fit and offers easy cleaning and quick drying. Lightweight fit and buoyancy ensure all-day comfort. Ventilation ports provide maximum breathability and help shed water and debris. Pivoting heel straps ensure a secure fit. Flexibility ensures 360-degree comfort.